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Products and services

Volume Coatings

Total Coatings are proud to use the Leif and Lorentz B3 Double Spray Machine and SlipCon LS-TS Profile Sander. These machines tackle the high capacity spraying of mouldings, such as picture frames, architraves and skirtings.

Total Coatings are able to spray apply coatings and sand any piece from 700mm to 7 metres in length, from 5mm to 500mm in width and up to 100m thick. Coatings can be applied to any style of profile and substrates including, MDF, timber, plastic, fibre glass, metal and glass.

Quantity is unlimited, from 50 pieces to 10,000 pieces – we have the coating machine for your job. A wide variety of sectors enjoy this time saving service, including picture framers, joiners and construction companies.


If you have your own range of mouldings and need them pre-primed, Total Coatings can finish the job in either water based, oil based, or solvent based paint. We can also sand, second prime, and apply a first top coat in a controlled environment, reducing the amount of work required back on site. All this can be achieved with architraves, skirting’s, weather boards, facia boards and more.

Clear Coating

We can apply a wide range of stain and clear coatings to any timber work for interior or exterior purposes, including water based, oil based, 1K and 2K Lacquers and Urethanes.

Solid Colour

We are able to apply any type of pigmented paint to mouldings such as picture framing, trims and architraves and skirting’s. From matt white to gloss black and everything in between.


Planning to build a wooden fence? We can pre-stain or paint your entire fence before construction (posts, rails, battens and pailings), saving you many hours of meticulous brush painting later. This gets all the hard work done first in a controlled dust-free environment. The only painting then required on site is to touch up the ends as they are cut to length on site.