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Total Coatings is leading the way in the coating of residential interior cabinetry, covering all areas of the house including kitchen, scullery, laundry, bathroom, and office cabinetry and furniture. Total Coatings also take care of large volume refurbishing projects, joinery and entertainment units, and are proud to provide painting expertise to leading cabinet makers in the Auckland and Coromandel regions.


Painting of quality MDF in high quality 2K Lacquers and 2K Polyurethanes like the products Total Coatings uses ensures the end result will last a life time. With over 30,000 colours available plus custom colour matching and a wide range of gloss levels from Matt through to Hi Gloss Cut and Polish, there is guaranteed to be a finish to suit your needs. To add real visual impact to your cabinetry Total Coatings can also apply Metallic (sparkly) coatings in wide range of colours.

Veneers and Solid Timber

Total Coatings apply three kinds of finishes: clear, which enhances and protects the natural colour of veneer/solid timber; stains, with a very wide range of options to lightly adjust the look of the veneer/solid timber; or, a much deeper stain colour to really change the look of the veneer/solid timber. This final option can add classic colour to a modern veneer/solid timber, or a modern colour to a classic veneer/solid timber – the choice is yours.

We work closely with designers and cabinet makers and their clients, and know that getting the right look is essential. Because of this, we are happy to create a range of custom stain options on various veneers/solid timbers for you to choose from to ensure you get the perfect finish.