We deliver a professional finish

on a wide range of surfaces

Products and services

Commercial / Shop Fittings

Our enormous spray booths allows for large capacity spraying in a dust-free environment. Whatever you need spraying – large or small, the Total Coatings team will deliver a professional finish on a wide range of surfaces, with a range of paint products to suit your project.


Organising a full shop fit out? Or perhaps you are just looking for a reception desk that has a bit of funk and personality. Whatever the situation, Total Coatings will coat objects of any shape to your specific colour palette and finishing specs. Large volume work is easy, as is delivering a fast turnaround. Request a quote or find out more by giving us a call.


With our large spray booths and racking equipment, finishing off panelling of all sizes is no problem. Total Coatings are professionals in the staining and clear coating of veneers, painting of colours on to various substrates, and can complete anything from a small office wall of panels to an entire auditorium. Painting of flat or detailed panels, in everything from matt through to high gloss finishes – Total Coatings can do the lot.

Marine Interiors

Total Coatings has a range of very high quality products designed specifically for this tough environment. The paint finishes used by Total Coatings ensures a long lasting, hard wearing result, in a wide and varied palette of modern colours and finishes. Consistency in finish is key, as is the consistency throughout a project.

Fire Retardant Coatings

Keeping people safe in the event of a fire is a priority in any building, which is why the new fire retardant coating solutions are proving so essential. Applied only by trained spraying technicians, these finishes are rigorously tested to work, and meet the strict New Zealand requirements for classes C/AS1 to C/AS. Total Coatings can apply 2K Urethane Fire Retardant Coating which is ideal for decorative timber and veneer panelling, fixtures and furniture.

Show/Display pieces

Point of Sale displays can come in any shape, and require the most professional finish available. The Total Coatings range of paints ensures the best finish is selected and applied in a controlled and dust free spraying environment. Unusual requests are welcomed.

Volume Coating and Doors

Want to find out about volume coating? Or perhaps you have lots of doors that need that finishing touch? Simply click on the links for more information.